Watchmen, why i loved the comic book, but have mixed feelings about the movie! By Van Young



Back in 1988 i work for a small Special Make-up company i came across the Graphic Novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and David Gibbons.  i immediately rush out to buy the book after reading it. being in love and being behind two years after it was published in 86. i always said to myself this would make a great movie. 

After hearing rumours a movie version was in the works i was hyped! but hearing the great action producer Joel Silver brought the rights to it and was attaching cast name like Arnold Swarzenegger, Burt Reynolds, Kevin Costner and the first draft Scripted written by comic book writer Samm Hamm screenwriter for 89' Tim Burton's Batman. i got a hold of Hamm's Draft of the script. when i read it i was appalled! Hamm's draft had no character development to a graphic novel that was all about characters. especially to one of my favorite characters Rorschach a superhero who had no superpowers only a mask to hide his idenity, and a grapple gun, for those who read it, Rorschach is the main reason i loved the book! his character comes across as a Travis Bickle. like Batman he is psychologically damaged goods. if Hamm's version would have got produced. i would have protested, maybe being the only one.

Thats why the book resonated with me for many years. Warner Brothers shelf the script. and sat on the shelf for years, until rumours resurfaced that director Terry Gilliam was interested in doing his adaptation of the book. Gilliam being a wise choice and one of my favorite directors i knew it couldn't go wrong from the man who gave us the movie Brazil and the Adventures of Baron Munchausen. i got a chance to attend a los angeles convention in the mid 90's he was telling his audience that he prefered doing Watchmen in a HBO mini series. which i thought would have been a good idea, you could cover the all of the 12 issues. but Gilliam's version never got off the ground either. i got a hold of his draft of the screenplay too! his version was way better, than Hamm's version. the only problem i had with Gilliam's version he changed the ending, for those who read the book know what i've been talking about.

Flash to 2008, director Zack Snyder got a greenlit to do a movie version, coming off the success of the movie 300 which i didn't careful but i didn't like gladiator either so what the hell! when Watchmen came out, saw it the first weekend it came out my reaction was somewhat pleased but still numb over movie version. Alan Moore called Watchmen the unfilmable.  i disagree with the author. he later would come out and say Snyder's version was close to the book. my opinion Synder's was not the director for doing this movie! his adaptation was looking too much at the source material in the comic book instead of adding something on his own, which make a good director. take notes from Peter Jackson's Lord of Rings films although i liked the mood, costumes, production designs, even the acting in the film. all of the actors believable. Early Haley's Rorschach, Billy Crudup as Dr Manhattan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, Patrick Wilson as the Nite Owl. Malin Ackerman as the Silk Spectrer 2. the miscast was Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt the Ozymandias my opinion they should went for a Tom Cruise, he did have a blond hair in the movie Collateral. i tryed watching Watchmen for a 2nd time, but my opinion still stays the same on the greatest comic book that could have been made into the greatest comic book film. which still hold 1978 Superman!





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