The War Of The Planet Of The Apes In My Observation By Keith Henry



This is not exactly a review of this film but more of a commentary of the mindset of some black people who saw the film, liked it, but didn't see the racial implications.

The War Of The Planet of The Apes was one of the most blatant films I've ever seen as far as race relations in the U.S. The messages were not subtle at all. Director Matt Reeves obviously meant to tell the story that way. I've spoken to several black people who have easily connected the dots. But the ones that didn't were the ones that intrigued me.

I pointed out to them how the film refereed to the treatment of Native Americans being on reservations the enslavement of  African Americans, hell even Mexican Americans, Trump said he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

There was a scene where the monkeys was building a wall for the humans. The people who refused to see the obvious were well represented in the film also that were called donkeys


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