Secret Window and Blow Dvd Movie Review by Keith Henry




Watching the trailer of Johnny Depp's latest film Black Mass that will be released later on this week, inspired me to go to my Johnny Depp collection and review two of some of my favorite JD films Secret Window and Blow are the films i choose.

Secret Window directed by David Koepp is a psychological thriller about writer Matt Rainey (Depp) secludes himself to his cabin to combat his writers block and depression that was brought on by him discovering his wife's infidelity. John Shooter played brilliantly by John Turturro comes to Rainey and claims that he plagiarized his story. The psychotic Shooter is willing to do anything including murder to get justice.

This is JohnnyDepps most Hitchcockian film, yeah I said Hitchcockian. Depp and Turturro play well off each other a must see for any Johnny Depp fan, if you haven't seen it. it has a great ending that Hitchcock himself would be proud of. 

  Blow directed  by Ted Demme, Depp is a Johnny classic. Based on a true story about one of the most notorious drug traffickers in U.S. history. George Jung was largely responsible for making Pablo Escobar the richest drug lord in the western hemisphere . Ray Liotta who plays George's father in my opinion stills scenes from Depp he's fabulous in this film. This is also one of Penelope Cruz most memorable roles. Depp really makes you like this character, I doubt that the biggest drug dealer in America was this charming a  Great film definitely worth revisiting.



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