My old love for Special Make-up Effects and John Carpenter's The Thing Movie Review!



My love for Horror movies began as a child and in my teenage years I was learning sculpting, Art was my 1st love and in 1981 there was a big demand for Special Effects films.

just a year after both Werewolves films, one was The Howling and An American Werewolf in London came out. Which the first time we seen and man on the screen change in front of our eyes. No disrespect to Lon Chaney Jr in change in the early Wolfman films nothing like this was ever seen before.

A year later John Carpenter's The Thing came out, it went up against films like Cat People, Poltergiest, The Beast Within, also a cute little alien film E.T came out that summer. which is the real reason Carpenter's film was a commercial and critical failure. Movie critic Roger Ebert had called it a barf bag of a film!

I didn't get a chance to see The Thing in the theaters, until It was released on beta video and I was in awed, this film blew every other effects film out the box that came after the Werewolves films, I remember hearing a protested for Carpenter's film because people really thought he mutilated real snow dogs for the film to get the effects. Being a fan of his Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog.

Screenplay by Bill Lancaster based on John W Campbell story Who Goes There. Adapted for the 1951 film Howard Hawks The Thing from Another World. Carpenter's film follows closely to Campbell's novella.

12 researchers out in the Antarctica discover an alien ship that landed in ice for thousands of years, a parasite that imitates other lifeforms. Carpenter's version creates the mood of paranoia in the film it develops within the group.

Starring Kurt Russell who was in Carpenter's Escape From New York a year prior to this film, Russell as MacReady the leader that no one wants nor trust. MacReady prefers to play computer chess and get drunk in his cabin.

The films score is by Ennio Morricone, and special makeup effects by Rob Bottin. fresh from his The Howling effects. Bottin was only 21 years old creating some the most memorable effects scenes in effects history! The head changing into a spider was the best next to the blood test scene. Bottin had wound up in the hospital for exhaustion. He talks about it on the special Dvd edition.

My opinion Carpenter's best film! Next to They Live which you can read the review by writer Marshall Gordon on this on this site check it out!

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