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Logan is the latest and hopefully final entry in the X-Men franchise, more specifically, the Wolverine franchise. Hugh Jackman has been playing the character of Wolverine for seventeen years starting with Bryan Singers X-Men (2000), and Logan is by far his greatest performance in the role. The film takes place sometime in the near future, the vast majority of mutants are gone, and Logan is an old weary limo driver who takes care of the elderly Charles Xavier. Logan’s body is broken down and his claws and healing factor don’t work like they used to. Trouble comes when a mysterious little girl is being chased by a gang of mercenaries, Logan finds himself in a moral dilemma, to protect this girl or allow her to fall in the hands of dark forces.


It is now official, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is the BEST portrayal of any superhero character on the big screen, surpassing Christopher Reeve’s Superman and even Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark aka IronMan. Not only is this is the Wolverine film that fans have been waiting for, but it’s almost too damn good to be true. This is on the cinematic level of the Dark Knight. There’s amazing well crafter character development, the relationship between Logan and Charles is heartwarming and heart breaking. The inclusion of X-23 is brilliant, Dafne Keen is an amazing young talent, while not as charismatic as Hit-Girl in the Kick Ass films, she does very well with her stunts. Spaghetti westerns of old inform the nature of this film, it rarely feels like a superhero movie.

 The action is bloody and beautiful. Be prepared to go on an epic emotional roller coaster with these characters. Logan is a film that has transcended its own genre. It is not since the Dark Knight will you ever feel a sense of danger and tension for all of characters involved.

Logan is by far the best film of 2017, so far and quite possibly the best film of its genre. Both Marvel and DC are going to have to step up the quality of their respective superhero cinematic universes, because Logan has changed the game.


  • Eric

    Nice review thanks

  • Keith

    Wow! Love this review you've convinced me to see this film

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