Gangster Rap! a love and hate...... and my Movie Review for Straight Outta Compton! by Van Young


Relocating to Los Angeles from phoenix Arizona and being a native from Chicago i've witness Hip Hop in it's embryonic stages. from Rapper delights to the Breaks to the masterpiece the Message by the Furious five.

Being a lover of all kinds of music, and a lover of Hip Hop during the late 80's, the crack epidemic was in the last stages, and the prison industrial complex was emerging. albums like It takes a nation of millions to hold us back by Public Enemy and Ice-T album power!

West coast rap group Nwa came out of nowhere, with very little airplay,  remembering  seeing them on the cover of a Rolling stone magazine or was it Spin magazine? there was allot of Hoopla over the name itself. i remember a female friend saying why they gotta called themselves niggas? i had never really listen to the group when they came out. i 've herd the song Boys in the Hood by Eazy E, that song was so popular i went to my sister's funeral in Iowa, the song had reach out there! i didn't hear the Straight Outta Compton album until early 90's. my friend's cousin, now turned Los Angeles best morning radio personalty, used to play the album in his cadillac.

West coast gangster rap was taken it's toll. even when the Chronic and Doggiestlye album came out i've refused to listen to the music. i immediately went back to disco music, i didn't appreciate west coast music until 4 years later when me and my friend Eric we're hitting the club every weekend. now i jokingly say gangster rap grows on you like herpes.

Now over 25 years later a biopic film comes out about the rap group Nwa. in fact after seeing the trailer, i had no desired to see the movie even posting the trailer on this site! but after seeing the movie i was wrong! this 

movie grabs you in the first few minutes, introducing newcomer actor Jason Mitchell playing Eazy E to actor Corey hawkins playing Dr dre listening to Roy Ayers everybody loves the sunshine in his bedroom, to O' Shea Jackson Jr playing his father Ice Cube writing lyrics in his notebook riding a school bus. director F Gary Gray Images of the 80's 90's hits home, the scene of Dr Dre struggling to make ends meet, giving his mother $50 she telling him to take a job, instead of inspiring your dreams, a lot of black males dreams are crushed by the women in they're life. Dr dre persuade Eazy E to start a record label and Ruthless records was born. Eazy meeting Jerry Heller played by actor Paul Giamatti who gets eazy and NWA a record deal, the group records straight outta compton album with the running into the police, Ice Cube comes with the song F... the police! which they preforms and get threats from the police and the FBI. seeing them preform the song on stage, i could only imagined, if i was in the audience amped up, with the my middle finger in the air!

Director F Gary Gray got good preformance out of all the cast! giving the world's most dangerous group a human side to them. i remembered ice cube when he left the group, leaving because manager jerry heller didn't pay him royalties. showing how blacks for so long got screwed over in the music industry. he left the group doing the Death Certificate which he cover's the song No Vaseline, probably the greatest dissed record in history! This movie has a lot of antagonists. but i can't say who. dont know if it was jerry heller, the police, suge knight or even eazy e. Dr Dre leaves ruthless, starting his own label with suge knight starting Death Row Records, where he's introduced to a young Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur, who looks haunting a like. after a second viewing, a friend said to me if they dubbed his voice to sound like Tupac. one scene Giamatti's Jerry Heller character looking at Suge Knight at a pool party no words exchanged. letting Heller know there's a new sheriff is coming!

 I wish they could have made the film 10 mins longer, the two who didn't get much screen time were Mc Ren and Dj Yella. Mc ren character was looking mad on the screen while Dj Yella was the comic relief in the film. but the actors who stood out were Mitchell eazy and giamatti's heller, alot of great dialogue between the two. director F Gary Gray has made a instant classic, right up there with his first film Friday, i hoping they release a longer version of Straight Outta Compton for the dvd. if not, i'll settle this version, making this film the best of 2015!






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    Great write up

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