Dope Movie Review! By Van Young


Rick Famuyiwa's new movie Dope is coming of age story of three high school students from Inglewood. Malcolm played by Shameik Moore along with his two friends Diggy a lesbian played by Kiersy Clemons and Jib who's has a small percent of african american so he claims played by Tony Revolori.

Lovers of 90's Hip Hop culture and have they're own punk rock band. Malcolm dream of going to Harvard university the three friends wind up going to nightclub for a underground party which he falls for a girl Nakia played by Zoe Kravitz. Malcolm and friends get in trouble when meeting a local drug dealer stash Ecstasy in malcolm's backpack which he must makes a choice. Having to deal with SAT test other drug dealers chasing him. His choice to be a geek or become Dope like the title of the movie!

 Famuyiwa's Dope movie is a Quirky comedy that's fun fresh with energy with unexpected twist. Along with a killer soundtrack, a must for 90's pop culture and Hip Hop fans.

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