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  • The War Of The Planet Of The Apes In My Observation By Keith Henry



    This is not exactly a review of this film but more of a commentary of the mindset of some black people who saw the film, liked it, but didn't see the racial implications.

    The War Of The Planet of The Apes was one of the most blatant films I've ever seen as far as race relations in the U.S. The messages were not subtle at all. Director Matt Reeves obviously meant to tell the story that way. I've spoken to several black people who have easily connected the dots. But the ones that didn't were the ones that intrigued me.

    I pointed out to them how the film refereed to the treatment of Native Americans being on reservations the enslavement of  African Americans, hell even Mexican Americans, Trump said he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

    There was a scene where the monkeys was building a wall for the humans. The people who refused to see the obvious were well represented in the film also that were called donkeys


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  • Apocalypto .... Movie Review by Keith Henry



    Apocalypto, the story takes place in the Mayan kingdom in the 15th century. The main character Jaguar Paw and his clan gets captured for human sacrifice. 

     Jaguar Paw escapes to get back to his wife and child hiding in the rain forest . It's a simple escape story told in beautiful cinematic dramatic fashion. the real star of this film is cinematographer Dean Semler, brutality have never been shot more beautifully. If your an inspiring film maker especially a cinematographer this film should be studied,because the story is primarily told with the camera. In my opinion this is Mel Gibson greatest film  I regret I never saw it on the big screen




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  • The Problem With Moonlight Written by Terrance Knight



    A few weeks ago, the 89th Academy Awards ended with a stunning fiasco, Moonlight was revealed to be Best Picture after LaLaLand was announced the winner by accident. A lot of people called Moonlight’s Oscar win to be “a landmark in diversity for Hollywood”, especially for black cinema. However, it seems clear that there are shenanigans at


    While Moonlight is a well shot, well acted film, featuring heavy subject matter about being black and gay in the ghetto, the movie is honestly rather dull. People praise Moonlight for it’s elegance and subtly especially when it comes to Chiron, the understated main character; the only problem is that he’s doesn’t really do anything. He’s such a passive protagonist; he doesn’t really make any decisions to push the narrative forward, making Moonlight quite the chore to watch.


    I know some might say, “how dare you? Moonlight is a masterpiece!” but honestly ask yourself, do you really come out of the theater knowing anything about Chiron, other that the fact he’s gay and lived a troubled life? People love to criticize LaLaLand for being “Hollywood escapism” and having mediocre singing, but at least Ryan Gosling’s character had goals, ambition, and interests; he made decisions that impacted the story. The same goes with Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge, he played a combat medic in WWII who made the decision to be a pacifist during WWII. That’s called a compelling protagonis.. Moonlight simply asks the audience to feel sorry for this boring black kid in awful circumstances.


    You could never convince me that Moonlight didn’t win in order for old white Hollywood to prove “hey, we’re not racist! See!” The very fact that Damien Chazelle won Best Director for LaLa Land was further indication that Moonlight’s win was a smart political move on behalf of the Academy, and a smart one at that. A year ago, Creed and Straight Outta Compton, two incredible films that featured black characters, directed by black men, were not even nominating despite being among the best films of that year. The Oscar for Moonlight simply feels like an apology for hashtag #Oscar’s So White. To clarify, I’m not beating on Moonlight for the sake of it, I just want films to be recognized for it’s own merits, not for fulfilling a SJW quota. I do believe Moonlight is a really good film, with some amazing shots and thought provoking content… but the most exciting things in this blatant Oscar bait involved a chair and a hand job at the beach. Let’s keep it real.














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  • Logan Movie Review By Jordan Mitchell





    Logan is the latest and hopefully final entry in the X-Men franchise, more specifically, the Wolverine franchise. Hugh Jackman has been playing the character of Wolverine for seventeen years starting with Bryan Singers X-Men (2000), and Logan is by far his greatest performance in the role. The film takes place sometime in the near future, the vast majority of mutants are gone, and Logan is an old weary limo driver who takes care of the elderly Charles Xavier. Logan’s body is broken down and his claws and healing factor don’t work like they used to. Trouble comes when a mysterious little girl is being chased by a gang of mercenaries, Logan finds himself in a moral dilemma, to protect this girl or allow her to fall in the hands of dark forces.


    It is now official, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is the BEST portrayal of any superhero character on the big screen, surpassing Christopher Reeve’s Superman and even Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark aka IronMan. Not only is this is the Wolverine film that fans have been waiting for, but it’s almost too damn good to be true. This is on the cinematic level of the Dark Knight. There’s amazing well crafter character development, the relationship between Logan and Charles is heartwarming and heart breaking. The inclusion of X-23 is brilliant, Dafne Keen is an amazing young talent, while not as charismatic as Hit-Girl in the Kick Ass films, she does very well with her stunts. Spaghetti westerns of old inform the nature of this film, it rarely feels like a superhero movie.

     The action is bloody and beautiful. Be prepared to go on an epic emotional roller coaster with these characters. Logan is a film that has transcended its own genre. It is not since the Dark Knight will you ever feel a sense of danger and tension for all of characters involved.

    Logan is by far the best film of 2017, so far and quite possibly the best film of its genre. Both Marvel and DC are going to have to step up the quality of their respective superhero cinematic universes, because Logan has changed the game.


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  • Top 10 Batman Moments on Screen Written by Jordan Mitchell

    In honor of The Lego version of Batman returning on theathers, I thought about all of the different incarnations of Batman on screen (and boy there are A LOT). After a lot of thinking, deep meditation, and a three hour nap, I have finally came up with what I believe to be the absolute best Batman moments.


     10. Bruce Wayne Running Towards Danger… Batman v Superman


    Say what you will about Batman v Superman, but the film does certainly start off strong. Ben Affleck is by far the best-looking Bruce Wayne, as if he stepped straight out of the Batman Animated Series. The scene of him running towards his Wayne Financial building as it’s crumbling down is a powerful image. It sets the tone, and was probably the most emotionally investing scene in the entire film.


    9. Shark Repellent Bat spray!.. Batman: The Movie 1968



    You’re not a true Batman fan if you can’t at least appreciate the sixties Batman TV series. This Batman might have been goofy, but he’s extremely intelligent and is prepared for virtually any scenario. In the beginning of the film, Batman is being attacked by a killer shark, which has grabbed hold of his leg. Robin, in his green hot pants, hands Batman his “shark repellant”. It’s ridiculous, it’s fun, and more importantly it’s a moment that perfectly demonstrates that Batman is indeed a comic book character and his world is NOT to be taken seriously.

    8. Robin’s Big Debut… Batman Forever


    Some Batfans totally dismiss the “Shumachuer era” of the Batman film franchise, and while they’re definitely not good, they do have some strong moments, Batman Forever in particular. In the midpoint of Batman Forever, Two Face has just buried Batman in a sandy grave. Suddenly, a gloved hand BURSTS into the sand, grabbing Batman’s arm and helping him up… it’s Robin, in his classic red and green suit. The movie overall is not good, but this was a kick ass moment and reminds us that Robin is a vital character in the mythos.


    7. Batplane in the Moonlight… Batman ‘89


    The 89’ Batman is an awesome film and helped define what Batman meant to a lot of people who saw it at the time. There are many great moments from Tim Burton’s classic, but most of them were Joker moments, not necessarily Batman moments. Jack Nicolson was awesome as the Joker, but he was damn near the main character in the film… he even had top billing. Michael Keaton did his fair share of ass kickerey, but the stand out “fuck yeah!” moment is when he flew the Batplane up to the moon, resembling the bat signal. It’s awesome AND it made no sense, honestly.. why did he do that? But who cares! It was cool.

    6. Moment: Warehouse fight… Batman v Superman


    Finally, the Batman hand to hand action every fan has been waiting for. Ben Affleck is undoubtedly the best looking Batman on screen. The classic Frank Miller inspired grey batsuit looks awesome in action. Seeing Batman single handedly beat down Luthor’s thugs (even murdering a couple of them) was actually the best part of Batman v Superman. Hopefully we can see more in the upcoming installment ‘The Batman’.

    5. Moment: “I’m Batman”… Batman Begins


    Batman Begins doesn’t get enough credit. Not only did it put Batman back on the big screen after a long hiatus, but it was the first big successful “gritty reboot”, Casino Royale coming out a year afterwards. The film took its time, showing us the origin of how Bruce Wayne trained with the League of Shadows and adopted the cape and cowl. After more than an hour, we finally see Batman on screen as he lifts crime boss Falcone from his cozy limo. It’s a cathartic moment and Batman’s debut, and it was damn cool. Showing off his ninja skills and disappearing into the shadows, this was a Batman we had never seen before at the time. To top the scene off, Batman decides to compliment the homeless man on his “nice coat”.

    4. Moment: The Batpod chase… The Dark Knight


    Christopher Nolan is a legend for this chase scene alone. Seriously, go on YouTube and just watch it again. There’s so much tension and the cinematography is amazing. Joker is trying to kill Harvey, Batman is trying to protect him, it’s thrilling, it’s funny, and shot damn good. Parts of this scene is almost reminiscent of a Looney Tunes cartoon, Joker using a machine gun, then a shotgun, then a rocket launcher in order to kill Harvey, the truck FLIPPING upside down… and Nolan makes it all look seamless.

    3. Moment: Coffee shop… The Dark Knight Rises


    The Dark Knight Rises certainly isn’t a perfect film, I would argue that it has a perfect ending. Batman/Bruce is presumed dead after saving Gotham from a nuclear explosion. Officer John Blake quits the police force, and Alfred is devastated following the apparent loss of his friend. As the film winds down, we see that Bruce was busy before his departure; leaving his enormous mansion to be a home for orphaned youth (a nod to Bruce Wayne adopting various boy orphans in the comics). As the film comes to a close, we see that Bruce Wayne is indeed alive, along with Selina Kyle… leaving John Blake to adopt the Batman legacy in Gotham. In almost every incarnation of the Bruce Wayne character, he’s never truly had a happy ending. In Dark Knight Rises, Bruce has finally gotten over the death of his parents and can finally move on with his new life…which includes banging Anne Hathaway in Ital

    2. Moment: Joker Interrogation… The Dark Knight

    This is quite possibly one of the best scenes in cinematic history. Batman having a conversation with the Joker and it’s more intense than you could imagine. In the light, you can see Joker’s gross make up juxtaposed against Batman’s dark, sleek bat-suit. Every line of dialogue is rich in texture and subtext. This scene highlights that the battle between Batman and Joker is an ideological one, not one of physical force or strength. Joker is a man without rules, a true anarchist who believes the worst in people… Batman is the opposite, a man bound by his rule not to kill and faced with moral dilemmas that challenge the very heart of Gotham. I’m sure a college student could write an entire thesis on this scene alone, it’s that freaking good.


    Moment: Batman and Ace… Justice League Unlimited

    This is kind of cheating, but dammit, I had to put it on the list. On the season finale of Justice League Unlimited titled “Epilogue”; set in the future, an elderly Amanda Waller is telling a story to Terry McGinnis, the new “Batman Beyond” about Bruce Wayne’s legacy. Basically, in a flashback, Batman briefly sits on the swings Ace a ten year old psychic, before she dies of an brain aneurysm. It’s a heartwrenching but small moment that demonstrates one of Batman’s greatest attributes… his compassion. This is by far the GREATEST BATMAN MOMENT, at least on screen.
    To truly get the emotional impact of this scene, check out the episode on Netflix. Warning. There is a 90% chance of waterworks.



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